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Vegetable Peelers Made in Switzerland

Swiss Made Vegetable PeelerSince 1947, peelers by Zena Swiss are well known all over the world. Like many other famous Swiss products, the peeler also displays those outstanding features which made the term "Swiss made" into what it is known for today: imaginative innovation, precision manufacturing, painstaking attention to detail, timeless design, longevity, a timelessness and exceptional product.

Cult in the kitchen

Vegetable Peeler REX as Advertising HeroOver the past decades ZENA Swiss has introduced numerous products to the market which have become indispensable in kitchens around the world. Used daily both at home as well as in tough, professional environments such as the gastronomy sector, our peelers already enjoy the proverbial cult status!

REX, the kitchen classical

REX Limited EditionOur product palette covers peelers in many designs that all share one thing in common:  they are easy to use and durable.  The original model of our peeler – the REX Int. Model 11002 – is indeed THE classical kitchen gadget. It’s simple design even became the trendsetter for peelers with transverse blades and was hardly changed over all these decades. Today the REX, as well as numerous other ZENA Swiss peelers, is universally applicable thanks to its diverse, high precision blades.

From A like apple peeler to Z like Zena

Apple PeelerThe peeler or swivel peeler made by ZENA Swiss is not only excellent for peeling apples, asparagus, potatoes or vegetables, it can also be used to grate hard cheese, chocolate, etc.  The Julienne cutter is ideal for easily cutting decorative vegetable strips. Read more on this under Interesting Facts.

Vegetable peelers for everyone and everything

REX as MerchandisingAre you interested in finding a peeler as the ideal tool for your kitchen? We definitely have the perfect one for you in our product line.  For an overview of our diverse kitchen helpers see Products.

Or perhaps you are a distributor who is interested in adding the world's best Swiss-made peelers to your product line? Then feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to offer you a wide selection of products, in addition to convincing services and interesting conditions.

Have you ever thought of using the REX Peeler as an advertising medium for your business? We can offer you creative possibilities which give your communication image the special Swiss touch.
See Advertising Media for some examples.

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