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DIVA - the new all-rounder in your kitchen and on the table!

The new multipurpose slicer DIVA lets everyone become virtuoso magicians in the kitchen. In its simple elegance, DIVA not only shines in food preparation, but also directly on the dining table to help put the finishing touch on your creations. Integrated in an ergonomically formed plastic holder, the stainless steel inserts can be changed quickly and easily and can be used for all types of peeling applications such as onion rings, cheese flakes, Julienne strips, chocolate shavings and much more.

The blades used are produced in the same manufacturing process as our classic products REX, STAR, RAPID and SLIM.

DIVA is available at retailers in the form of DIVA BASIC (including a holder, a safety holder, two inserts) and as the DIVA ADDITION (with additional stainless steel inserts for various applications or as replacement parts). The elegant plastic holder is available in various colors and all parts are guaranteed dishwasher safe.

Currently available blade inserts: Fine slicer, fine grater, flaker and Julienne slicer.