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Why potato peelers are so indispensable in the kitchen!

Zena PeelerThe knowledge that grandmother passed down to her children cannot be all wrong. "Vegetables or fruits should be washed and then peeled before eating them," she said and then took the peeler and began working. Today opinions differ. Some people insist on peeling, others say that washing in hot water suffices. We say that both statements are valid. In any case it makes sense to have the proper tool on hand if one decides to peel.

A peeler.  Why not use the same model that grandmother was familiar with:  The REX Peeler made by ZENA Swiss. This classical peeler was introduced to the market in 1947 and has been produced in Switzerland ever since. It is practically unchanged and even today remains the king of all peelers….

…because it can really peel extremely thin skins without sacrificing valuable minerals and deliciousness, and because the ZENA Swiss Peeler can peel and grate, e.g. hard cheese or chocolate, making it indispensable in the kitchen. This is not surprising, for grandmother already knew this.


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