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Why do I need a special apple peeler?

Zena Apple PeelerSumptuous crispy apples, from golden yellow, juicy green to blood red – even Adam and Eve knew they were simply worth sinning for. But should one use an apple peeler to remove this beautiful dress tailored by nature before eating it? We say to each his own. We enjoy an unpeeled apple just as much when it comes directly from the tree and after it has been sufficiently washed. Still there are also numerous recipes which call for peeled apples, for example, whipping up a fine applesauce or making apple preserves. And the easiest way to do this successfully is by using an apple peeler from ZENA Swiss. The apple peeler cuts extremely fine and prepares the apple ideally for further processing.

Now if you ask yourself what an apple peeler looks like, simply take a look at our peeler! ZENA Swiss peelers are the ideal apple peelers, and have been for over 60 years. The best thing about our peelers is that besides peeling fruits and vegetables they can also be used to make decorative chocolate shavings. They also deal perfectly with parmesan cheese. Apples and cheese are a perfect match for dessert. So you see, our apple peelers are definitely all-rounders in the creative kitchen.


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