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Is a peeler suitable for peeling asparagus?

Asparagus is a very delicate vegetable which needs to be prepared with care. Special asparagus peelers are available for this purpose. Even the Romans treated asparagus as a noble and expensive delicacy, presumably because their cultivation and preparation were so very elaborate. Today we can buy white or green asparagus conveniently in the supermarket. White asparagus must be peeled before being consumed, preferably with an asparagus peeler that can do this carefully.

But is it worth buying an extra tool for preparing the small amount of asparagus that is available to us each year? Or can the ZENA Swiss Peeler also be used as an asparagus peeler? The answer is clear:  the classical peeler also peels asparagus. Its extremely sharp blade is designed to gently remove the leathery skin, making the peeling of asparagus amazingly easy. Tip: to help prevent breakage you can also place the asparagus on a cutting board while peeling.

The other alternative is of course to use our "Sparagio" – the special asparagus peeler created by ZENA Swiss. This is an especially practical peeler for those who like to prepare asparagus more frequently. Our asparagus peeler has a special ergonomic design that allows it to rest ideally in the hand. The brace prevents the asparagus from breaking while being peeled.

Zena Asparagus PeelerThe choice is yours! Do you prefer the special asparagus peeler or simply the peeler? One thing is certain – a fine Hollandaise sauce is the ideal accompaniment to asparagus.


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