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What does one actually save by using a vegetable peeler?

In German the peeler is termed a "thrifty peeler." Why? Is it because Zena Peeler Bell Pepperthe ZENA Swiss Peeler REX Int. Mod. 11002 is so cheap to buy and so durable that one saves by not having to buy new ones? Or is it more the fact that using the peeler to pare vegetables and fruits saves valuable nutritional components because you can peel much more thinly than with a normal paring knife?

We believe both statements are valid. A ZENA Swiss Peeler is indeed very robust. Even after decades of usage the blade still functions perfectly. The REX Peeler pares extremely thinly and sparingly so that the best nutritional components remain intact. Since one can also grate hard cheese and chocolate with a ZENA Swiss Peeler, the purchase of yet another kitchen instrument is superfluous. No wonder the peeler is thus called the "thrifty peeler."


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