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Why do I need a Julienne cutter or a stripe peeler if I don't like soup?

Zena Star Julienne Cutter Zucchini"No, I will not eat my soup" – is a well-known quote stemming from the "The Story of Augustus who would not have any soup" (in German known as the "Suppenkaspar"). For our English-speaking audience this refers to a story included in the German children's book "Struwwelpeter" written by Heinrich Hoffman in 1845 in which a healthy but stubborn boy refused to eat his soup until one day he died miserably of starvation. Perhaps the cook in this story did not know about the Julienne slicer so that the soup tasted pretty bland. We'll never know.

One thing is certain, however:  you don't have to be a soup lover to profit from a Julienne cutter made by ZENA Swiss. The word "Julienne" not only describes an ingredient but also refers to the art of cutting vegetables into thin strips, e.g. for decorative use. Cutting Julienne strips is a breeze with a Julienne cutter.

Our peelers with Julienne blades – "STAR," "RAPID" and "SLIM" – have laser-welded blades made with Swiss precision. This makes it so easy to cut Julienne strips so that even a professional cook turns green with envy, considering that he or she had to learn how to cut Julienne strips with a knife. In the meantime, even the professionals use the Julienne cutter.

Turn your meals at home into haute cuisine at the drop of a hat. It doesn't really have to be soup!


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