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Paring knife or peeler – which is better?

Zena Pendo Paring KniveYou may ask yourself:  "What's the difference?" That's simple enough. As the name implies, the paring knife is simply a small knife which in most cases has a small, approx. 8 cm long, slightly rounded off or slightly serrated blade.  A knife as we know it. A paring knife is found in practically every kitchen and serves its purpose well. Just as efficient is the paring knife from ZENA Swiss which is actually not a knife but a peeler. Only our peeler called "Pendo" has a knife-like handle that enables it to be used in the same manner as a paring knife. If you are used to the classical paring knife, then you don't have to adjust to anything new. The feeling remains the same except that peeling is easier and more precise. An additional small bonus is the eye-gouger on the side designed especially to peel potatoes perfectly.

So which is the better peeler? We will leave that decision up to you. Try our "Pendo Paring Knife." If you like it, then changing will become superfluous, unless you are a professional paring knife virtuoso. Then, of course, you will insist on sticking to your knife. After all, we are all creatures of habit.


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