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Potato peeler for left- or right-handers?

Approximately 15% of all people are left-handed. This statistic only takes into account left-handers who also use their right hand, but were not taught to do so, such as for writing. Unfortunately, most products are only designed for right-handers, including many potato peelers. Zena Potato PeelerOur aim at ZENA Swiss is to create barrier-free product designs – such as that of our potato peelers – a policy that we have followed for more than 60 years.  Many of our peelers, e.g. the ZENA Swiss "Star," rank among the best potato peelers and are even used in potato peeling competitions. They are so well liked and widespread because they can be used easily by right- as well as left-handers, thus ensuring fairness in competition. Now whatever serves people competing in a potato peeling competition must certainly be useful at home and in a professional kitchen environment.

Try it out yourself! Even as a confirmed right-hander you will be able to use our potato peeler effortlessly with your left hand. Just for fun you can organize a competition in potato peeling at home with your friends, and whenever one hand is tired of peeling you can impress your audience by changing from your left to your right hand and vice versa!

Perhaps our potato peeler is so popular and widespread because it can really be used by everyone.


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