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Is the REX peeler still modern after 65 years?

Just imagine your car is 65 years old and still up-to-date, just like our REX Peeler! Obviously when it comes to car design and technology the absurdity of such a situation becomes quickly clear. Such a car could hardly be sold as a new model on today's market, except perhaps to a couple of wealthy car enthusiasts. Years ago people had other priorities and needs. This is not the case with ZENA Swiss products.

Zena Rex Original PeelerOne example is the REX Peeler Int. Mod. 11002, developed in 1947 by Alfred Neweczerzal whose aim was to produce the best peeler in the world, not just for that time period but "built forever" so to speak! Current sales figures support this success story. The REX Peeler is sold one million times a year – worldwide! This speaks for a product that is still absolutely up-to-date. The REX Peeler has a timeless modern design that has not been changed throughout the years. It stands out through its simple construction, precise manufacturing and perfect ergonomics. It is not by chance that the REX Peeler enjoys international fame and serves as a shining example of Swiss design. We even bet that in 50 years the REX Peeler will be deemed just as modern as it is today.


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