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What is a swivel peeler?

To pare vegetables you use a vegetable peeler. To pare a potato you use a potato peeler. But what can you pare with a swivel peeler? Answer:  vegetables and fruits. Talk about confusing!?! A swivel peeler actually describes a peeler with a floating suspended peeling blade that can better adapt to the form of the material to be cut than a fixed blade and thus peels continually thin.

Zena Magic Swivel PeelerAll ZENA Swiss peelers are actually swivel peelers. Our program offers swivel peelers with diagonal blades (e.g. "REX") and others with straight blades (e.g."Pendo"). Even our all-purpose grater has a floating suspended peeling blade, which in this case is double-edged to enable peeling in two directions.

Swivel peelers always have a slight "play" in the blades which makes them appear to be somewhat loose. This is not a production error, for ZENA would not tolerate that and our meticulous Swiss quality control makes sure that this does not occur.  No, this design is intentional. Perhaps the technical term "swivel peeler" is slightly irritating, but we didn't coin this term ourselves.


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