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Can a vegetable peeler really peel all kinds of vegetables?

As you know, many products offered on the market are praised as being all-rounders. In actual practice the famous "all-in-one-solution" usually soon turns out to be rather disappointing. What about the vegetable peeler? Can it really peel all vegetables? In principle, yes. But as usual the exception usually confirms the rule.

A ZENA Swiss vegetable peeler is suitable for all "hard" vegetables that need to be peeled, e.g. carrots, kohlrabi, radishes, potatoes, etc.  It is also good for grating chocolate, hard cheese, etc., but what about "soft" vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers or fruits such as kiwis?  Zena Vegetable PeelerWith a common vegetable peeler this leaves something to be desired. For this purpose ZENA Swiss has more than one vegetable peeler in its program, each equipped with a special serrated blade (piranha blade) that masters such tasks brilliantly. These are our "Tomi" models and include the "STAR," "RAPID" and "SLIM."

With only two vegetable peelers from ZENA in your hands, you are thus in possession of the famous "golden eggs" (well, you know what we mean), considering that the proverbial long- life cycle of the ZENA vegetable and special peeler has not been reached, and in view of the minimum purchase price.


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