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ZENA, the company

Interesting facts about our company in brief.

ZENA in brief:

  • 1931: Alfred Neweczerzal manufactures the first products in Zurich.
  • 1936: First patent is applied for in Germany.
  • 1945: Registration as a sole proprietorship company in the Commercial Register
  • 1947: REX Economy Peeler receives international protection under Mod. Int. 11002.
  • 1948: Founding of the collective proprietorship company Zweifel & Neweczerzal ZENA Products
  • 1951: Alfred Neweczerzal's partner withdraws from the collective proprietorship company.
  • 1958: Alfred Neweczerzal Junior takes over the company in the second generation.
  • 1969: Founding of the joint stock company "ZENA AG"
  • 1974: Move to the current registered office in Affoltern am Albis
  • Today: Third generation company management: Peter Newec


ZENA in figures:

  • Capital stock: CHF 131,000
  • Production volume: More than 2 million economy peelers annually, 60% for export
  • Distribution: In over 22 countries worldwide
  • Semifinished products: Peeler blades for other domestic and foreign brands
  • Total employees in 2010: 11

Picture source: Daniel Ammann, St. Gallen

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