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The 70s (1970, 1974)

Gary Gabelich’s Blue Flame
Gary Gabelich's Blue Flame.
U.S. President Richard Nixon was forced to resign from office because of the Watergate Affair and Apollo 13 just barely missed becoming the first catastrophe in manned space travel. The speed record for ground vehicles was set at 1001.66 km/h by Gary Gabelich in his rocket-powered vehicle called the Blue Flame. In New York the record for being the tallest buildings in the world went briefly to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Meanwhile, ZENA's development team were tinkering with something that could well become record-breaking: the STAR Economy Peeler. Its development and production began in 1970. The STAR was a world novelty with regard to simplicity and ruggedness. Compared to the REX it was only composed of three parts, was made completely of high-grade steel and had the same ergonomic qualities. The resulting simplification in production made up for higher material prices.

Pong from ATARI – the first first real video game
Pong von ATARI. Das erste echte Videogame.
The age of video games began with the game Pong from Atari. In the movies people found themselves on the side of the good guys with Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars Trilogy, while television viewers were held captive by Bonanza, Kojak and Sesame Street. And suddenly people were listening to Punk music! Being hip meant having a Lava lamp at home and being surrounded by plastic furniture. In Silicon Valley Steve Jobs moved his newly founded company Apple Computers from a garage into a new and large head office building, and in Zurich ZENA was also contemplating a move. In 1974 the successful sales of REX and STAR called for a change: too little space was available in Zurich to cope with the increased demand and resulting higher production capacity. ZENA AG thus looked around for a new domicile and moved to Affoltern am Albis, where they still produce today.

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