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The 90s (1991, 1997, 1999)

The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Der Tag des Mauerfalls in Berlin.
The collapse of the Soviet Union as well as German reunification were events that characterized this time. The Dow Jones Index climbed to undreamed of heights. In the U.S. the popularity of its 42nd President, Bill Clinton, was at a low because of his affair with a trainee, and Switzerland was celebrating 700 years of its Confederation. Earlier generations were praised, and in Affoltern am Albis the third generation entered the company with the young Peter Newec.

Limited Edition #1: REX GOLDOn the sporty side people rediscovered roller skates which were newly called inline skates, while others rode through forests with their bicycles and now called it mountain biking. Nothing was really new – only new names were given to traditional activities. 1997 saw ZENA also reflecting on some old values: the company celebrated 50 years REX Economy Peeler Mod. Int. 11002. On this occasion the first Limited Edition of the REX was introduced to the market - the anniversary REX in gold.


With eBay the first real Internet market came into being while communication took place via cell phone, or via SMS or E-mail in cases where speed and briefness counted. Music was minimized and now called techno, and was especially enjoyed at love parades and raves. The design of the RAPID Peeler was also minimized in 1999. True to previous innovations, the focus was put on the essential which is why the eye removers on the side were also made of plastic and were integrated in the handle.

Less minimization was found in the movies: The Silence of the Lambs, Forrest Gump, Matrix and Star Wars Episode I were among the more lavish Hollywood productions.

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