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The 00s (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009)

Just when people thought that everything was possible in the Internet, a dream of numerous new economists burst:  the "dot com bubble" dragged the stock exchange on an alarming downward trend. Despite this, not everyone lost heart, some even expanded their involvement. It was the year 2000, a time when ZENA's spatial needs grew. The company moved into a newly constructed building in Affoltern am Albis and secured required factory space for the future. At the same time investments were made in computer-controlled production processes and the new CNC press was put into operation. Nevertheless, ZENA continued to employ valuable employees who still finished all products manually to ensure consistently high quality.

The Euro – the single currency of the EU
Der Euro, die Einheitswährung der EU.
Europe received a new, uniform currency with the EURO. Music was procured free of charge from Internet file sharing networks and was played from MP3 players that were simply called iPods. Cell phones were now veritable minicomputers with integrated cameras and served to fulfill the varied whims of its users. At ZENA we expanded our product palette in 2002, in part to also satisfy the various needs and wishes of our customers. Two new peelers – the MAGIC and PENDO – were developed to complement existing models. These were fitted with double-edged blades and were the first peelers from the House of ZENA with longitudinal swivel blades.

The Swiss 15 centime stamp depicting the REX Economy Peeler
Die Schweizer 15 Rappen Briefmarke mit dem REX Sparschäler.
Fewer and fewer letters were written and were replaced largely by E-mails. Despite this, in 2004 the Swiss Post dedicated a stamp series to Swiss design. The legendary original REX Economy Peeler decorated the 15 centime stamp and thus captured an honorable place in the Hall of Postal Fame next to such classics as the Landi Chair from Coray, the Railway Station Clock from Hilfiker and the LC2 easy chair from Le Corbusier.

TV was ruled by casting shows for everyone and everything. Becoming a star or even a superstar was considered a worthy aspiration. For ZENA's STAR, a special blade was developed in 2006 for cutting the finest Julienne strips. Production of this special blade also required a suitable laser welding machine which now became part of the plant. Shortly thereafter the RAPID was also equipped with these Julienne blades.

Without a casting show, but thanks to his sound specialized knowledge of modern production methods, Peter Newec took over ZENA company reins in the third generation.

The first black President of the U.S: Barack Obama
Der erste Farbige Präsident der USA: Barack Obama.
People no longer expressed their dissatisfaction in world politics by shooting at U.S. presidents, instead they threw their shoes at them. Meanwhile, a revolution was taking place in people's living rooms as digital films in HD quality became available on Blu Ray disks for viewing on flat screens. The quality already came quite close to the pleasure of actually sitting in the movie theater. Speaking of movies, some great flicks premiered at this time, including A Beautiful Mind, Slumdog Millionaire, Million Dollar Baby and Lord of the Rings. Shortly thereafter they also came into home movies. At the same time production at ZENA was of high quality and fully digitalized. In 2009 an automatic assembly machine was put into operation and used to assemble the REX and the STAR, ZENA's classic products and best sellers. This resulted in a substantial increase in production.

A new age seemed to break with the election of the first black President, Barack Obama, as 44th President of the U.S. In accordance with the motto "Yes, we can" ZENA initiated the development of a new type of small slicer designed to meet the demands of the modern kitchen. ZENA has never pushed short product life cycles which explains why they again set aside sufficient time for this new slicer to reach serial maturity. Development work alone lasted for more than a year.

Picture source: Barack Obama from Shepard Fairey


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