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The 10s (2010...)

The CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Geneva
Der LHC Tunnel (Large Hadron Collider) im CERN bei Genf.
At the LHC in Geneva CERN scientists successfully produced the first proton-proton collisions ever recorded. The first step in the search for so-called antimatter had been successful. At the World Expo in Shanghai, Switzerland shone with its giant chairlift and after one year of development, the new DIVA mini slicer was introduced to the public at the Ambiente – the International Fair for Dining, Giving and Living in Frankfurt. The annual production output of the classical peeler now reached two million pieces.

The newest ZENA product: DIVA, the multi-purpose mini slicer
Das neuste Produkt von ZENA: DIVA, der vielseitige Minihobel.
Product launching of DIVA in 3 countries (U.S., Canada and Switzerland)

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