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The 30s

The 30s (1931, 1936)

It all began during a wild and turbulent period in Zurich.

Al Capone
Al Capone
During the period when the U.S. had just put the famous gangster, Al Capone, into jail for 11 years, when gambling became legal in Las Vegas, when Wiley Post succeeded in making a record flight around the world in a little more than 8 days, and when the Empire State Building was opened, becoming the highest building in the world – that is when Alfred Neweczerzal bought his first punching machine in 1931.

The company founder, Alfred Neweczerzal
Der Firmengründer Alfred Neweczerzal.
In the basement of his home at Birmensdorferstrasse 270 in Zurich he invented, developed and produced various kitchen helpers, including mayonnaise and cream whippers, as well as toys. The first employees in the small company were all outworkers, a common practice at this time. This period was also marked by the birth of Alfred Neweczerzal Junior, the son of the company founder. During these years the English luxury liner the RMS Queen Mary was launched and the Germans sent their first giant airship, the LZ 129 Graf Hindenburg, on its maiden flight.
The luxury liner, the RMS Queen Mary, on her maiden voyage
Der Luxusliner RMS Qeen Mary auf Jungfernfahrt.
Germany saw the very first live television transmission of a sport event from the Olympic Games in Berlin, and Thomas A. Edison applied for his last patent, a clamp for metal finishing. In 1936 the first patent application was made for a vegetable slicer with an adjustable blade – the forerunner of ZENA products that were so successful later on. Alfred Neweczerzal applied for this patent in Germany, France and England.

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