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The 40s (1941, 1945, 1947, 1948)

Although this century was marked by uncertainty and extreme deprivation, it was also characterized by tremendous technical and scientific progress. Switzerland was surrounded by countries fighting World War II and raw materials were scarce. When the U.S. intervened in the war following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, people sort of began to hope that peace would soon follow.

Japanese bombers A6M3
Japanische Kampfflieger A6M3 im Anflug auf Pearl Harbor.
This hope was apparently also felt in Zurich in 1941 as the investments made in the early days of the company began to bear fruit and Alfred Neweczerzal moved into the first rented workshop located at Kreuzstrasse 36 in Zurich, together with the company's first official employees.

Bell X1, the first supersonic jet
Die Bell X1, das erste Flugzeug das schneller als der Schall flog.
One loud bang each propelled mankind into the nuclear and jet ages and the great war ended. While the United Nations was being founded in San Francisco, the world danced to jazz bands and bebop and was conceptualizing reconstruction. This was no different in Zurich as in 1945 Alfred Neweczerzal applied for registration in the Commercial Register as a sole proprietorship company and by so doing laid the cornerstone for the future.

Howard Hughes at the helm of the Hercules
Howard Hughes am Steuer der Hercules.
The year 1947 witnessed the first and only flight of the largest plane ever built, the Hughes H4 Hercules; and important inventions such as microwave ovens, computers and vinyl records were patented as the company founder had his new aluminum economy peeler named REX registered under International Model Protection No. 11002, the same number which still identifies it today.

In 1948, the founding year of Israel and Nord Korea, Alfred Neweczerzal (son of the company founder) began his apprenticeship as a toolmaker in the family enterprise. That same year, the name ZENA appeared for the first time in connection with the establishment of a general partnership in Zurich under the name Zweifel and Neweczerzal ZENA Products. ZENA stood for Zweifel Engros Neweczerzal Alfred.

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