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The 50s (1951, 1958)

Soviet Sputnik stamp
Sovietische Sputnik Briefmarke
World War II was barely over before a new one – termed the Cold War – began. Former allies parted ways on an unfriendly basis for the next 40 years and at ZENA a separation was also announced: In 1951 Alfred Neweczerzal's business partner left the partnership. Alfred Neweczerzal then had the company registered as a sole proprietorship under the name A. Neweczerzal ZENA Products. The REX Economy Peeler was one of the products that the company now produced in larger quantities.


M.I.S.S. Astronaut Neil Armstrong
M.I.S.S. Astronaut Neil Armstrong.
The race to conquer space began with the Soviet satellite Sputnik and the first crew introduced by the U.S. for a manned space flight, also called the "Man-in-Space-Soonest" (MISS). The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was founded. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara celebrated freedom for Cuba and Pelé began his career as a world football star. The rubber plant and modern, light furniture from Panton, Eames or Jacobsen were considered good taste. The music scene was dominated by rock 'n' roll, and Mr. Jailhouse Rock himself, Elvis Presley, swept the dance floors. In this eventful period, the company founder and creative genius Alfred Neweczerzal died in 1958 at the age of 59. His son, Alfred Neweczerzal Junior then took over the enterprise.

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