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The 60s (1964, 1969)

John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
The Russian Juri Gagarin was the first man in space and in Texas the American president John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It was a time marked by smart secret agents à la 007, alias James Bond. Smart names were a sign of the times and so in 1961 Alfred Neweczerzal changed his name to Newec because this was easier to pronounce. The entry in the Commercial Register was then changed to read A. Newec, ZENA Products. At this point the REX Peeler was already an essential part of the company's turnover.

Jimi Hendrix as we all know him
Jimi Hendrix wie alle ihn kennen.
The hippies celebrated love and peace in Woodstock with lots of marijuana and free love. It was the era of supersonic jets such as the Concorde and the ARPANET, the precursor of today's Internet. Armstrong and Aldrin were the first men to land on the moon in Apollo 11, and the radio spit out rock music from Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors and the Rolling Stones, and funky music from James Brown and the country music of Johnny Cash. Hollywood was on a "freedom" trip with the film Easy Rider and television discovered outer space with Star Trek. In 1969 Alfred Newec also went into a new orbit by converting the sole proprietorship company into a joint stock corporation with a share capital of CHF 131,000. The new name of the company has remained to this day: ZENA AG

Picture Sources: Jimi Hendrix, A. Vente, Beeld en Geluidwiki - Gallery: Hoepla

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