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The 80s (1984)

Launch of the space shuttle Challenger
Space Shuttle Challenger am Start.
Catastrophes such as the Challenger, Chernobyl and Bhopal dominated the headlines at this time. People wore plastic watches – the Swatch – on one arm, and those who wanted to do something for their brain tried their hand at a Rubik cube. In 1984 ZENA quickly recognized the new trend towards increased use of synthetic materials in product design and began making RAPID, the first peeler with a plastic handle. Its form leans strongly on the REX and STAR. Now for the first time it was possible to produce the peeler in every imaginable color and thus keep up with the latest design trends. As a counterpart to RAPID, ZENA developed SLIM, which differed slightly from the classic REX design with its slightly narrower handle that fits ergonomically in smaller hands.

For the first time in history, a former Hollywood actor named Ronald Reagan became President of the U.S. IBM introduced the first PC, the Commodore C-64(the first real home computer) and Apple presented its first Macintosh. Films were now shown on VHS video recorders and with an answering machine people considered themselves to be technically up-to-date. Youth was moved by New Wave, House, Hip Hop and TV showed such blockbuster series as Dallas, MacGyver, Miami Vice, Knight Rider and Alf.

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